Luck – Absence of Bad Luck?

I’ve been having some good discussions surrounding the word “Luck” among some of my friends. The discussion started with – is there such a thing as luck? Or bad luck? 

One friend believed that there is no such thing as Luck. He believed everything is based on your hard work, lack thereof, your knowledge, skill, and effort, etc.; and he believed everything that is within your control is your doing, your actions, your karma, and luck plays no part. The other people in the company vehemently opposed that theory and with several real-life examples, convinced him that there is such a thing as a good luck and bad luck. The examples were, someone winning a lottery out of tens of millions of lottery ticket buyers, someone winning a toss in a game, someone winning in a horse race, a card game, or any gambling activity. There are tons of similar examples where no special knowledge or skill was needed to be the winner or a loser.

At the end of the discussion, he called good and bad luck a divine intervention. Some people also call it god’s grace, some call it a stroke of luck or a pure coincidence. Whatever you believe in but for the conversation’s sake, we accepted there is such a thing as pure luck, good and bad. 

However, is the absence of bad luck also considered good luck? And I was uncertain of that hypothesis. 

Here are a few examples – am I lucky if a large population gets COVID and I don’t? If a football player does not get injured for several seasons but a rookie starts his first game and gets injured for life, is the senior player lucky or just the rookie player is unlucky? A company lays off hundreds of employees but you don’t get laid off, are you lucky or the other people unlucky? Take another example on the flip side – a billion-dollar lottery is won by one person, yes that person is lucky but are millions of others unlucky? But if 99 out100 people got sick from a virus and you didn’t are you lucky or the 99 people are unlucky?

My thought is that an absence of bad luck can’t be considered good luck or the absence of good luck is not bad luck. You can have good luck or bad luck for each such incident. It is like the absence of unhappiness does not necessarily give you happiness. If you are not dissatisfied, are you satisfied? You can be unhappy in the absence of money to survive but having money does not necessarily give you happiness. Just being not lucky in winning a lottery, does not mean you are unlucky. 

But I also believe – everyone is where they ought to be in their life at a given moment based on their Karma. I never won a lottery because I hardly ever buy a lottery ticket. I go to Vegas thinking I will lose this much money and I always do. I know some people who go with the determination to win money and very often they do win. Tom Bradey won 7 Superbowls not only because he is just lucky, but he is also determined to win. Does luck have something to do with how we think and our mind works towards that goal? I don’t get sick because I hate getting sick and consciously and subconsciously do everything possible to not get sick. When we set our mind to something, do Stars Align for you? I don’t know about luck but I do believe in Stars’ Alignment and they do work generally with Karma. That is just my belief.

What do you think? 

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