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Thru the Lens
Picture by – Manoj Tiwari

Sometimes what our eyes and mind sees can be captured thru our camera lens. Look for what our eyes and mind sees thru our lenses…
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Thru Words
Picture by – Manoj Tiwari

Our minds and hearts sometimes speak that is hard to decipher but here is the mind and heart dump converted into common words…
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Thru Travel
Picture by – Manoj Tiwari

When we travel, we like to explore more than just tourist spots in some major cities, we like to see deeper into the nature, architecture, culture, religion and most importantly, humans, in every corner of the earth
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Thru Poetry
Picture by – Manoj Tiwari

And of course the Poetry – Chetna’s creative thoughts and emotions are always expressed in poetic form. Read More…

About Us

We are two friends, met by chance, attracted by creative energies and theater and now creating some cool content using various media on this platform…

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Our Creations

You can watch our creations on our YouTube channel but here is a summarized list of content for you….
Our Creations Page

Now you can listen to our podcast on Spotify and Anchor.
Click Here to go to our Podcast Channel

Write to us at – Take2Creates@gmail.com

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