Our Creations

Take 2 Creations has been active in creating some interesting content since 2019 and has compiled a list of literary pieces, short films, and numerous interviews ranging from totally unknown names to famous artists of theater, and films, and people from every walk of life.

Our short films and Plays

In addition to several online programs, we have created a few short films that will be available here once they are made available for public viewing.

  1. Let Me FlowCompleted in January 2020; Selected for screening at – 2020 San Francisco Independent Short Film Festival; 2021- Erie International Film Festival, Pune Short Film Festival
  2. Aajir, The Bonded – a play in English staged in November 2019 and now getting ready to be staged in Hindi in Summer/Fall 2022.
  3. Dirty Martini – Completed in March 2021; Submitted to Film Festivals
  4. Missi – Completed in May 2021; Selected for screening in multiple film festivals in the US and India.
  5. Shaken – In Post-Production; to be released for festivals in Summer 2022
  6. Stirred – In Post-Production; to be released for festivals in Summer 2022

Showbiz Guests
Passion Series
Podcasts, Poetries, Stories and more…

Here is our YouTube Channel with all the content referenced above and more, for your enjoyment. Please subscribe to our channel ..

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