Aajir – The Bonded

Take 2 Creations team is delighted to bring to you a Hindi musical play, “Aajir” (The Bonded), produced in collaboration with Friends of Sparsh. After performing two shows on the road, we are ready to perform finally at The Writers Center, Bethesda, MD on September 16th, 17th, and 18th. Follow this event on Facebook at https://fb.me/e/3niwyAcKx


Venue –
The Writer’s Center
4508 Walsh Street
Bethesda, MD

September 16 – @7:30 pm Tickets @ https://apneecommunity.com/tc-events/aajir-play-sep-16-2022
September 17 – @4 pm Tickets @ https://apneecommunity.com/tc-events/aajir-play-sep-17-2022
September 18 – @4 pm Tickets @ https://apneecommunity.com/tc-events/aajir-play-sep-18-2022


Based on a story by the legendary Indian author, Mahasweta Devi, the writer of highly acclaimed Indian films like Sunghursh, Rudaali, and Hazar Chaurasi ki Maa. The play Aajir is a beautiful and intriguing tapestry that explores the various shades of human bondage and our relentless pursuit of freedom. What is the root of bondage and where is that seemingly elusive edge that lets us spring into freedom? The story explores bondage in its many forms – physical, mental, and emotional- and how each manipulates our thoughts and cripples us by making us believe that we have no way of escaping the circumstances we find ourselves in. Sometimes, it takes someone other than ourselves to help us realize that freedom is always a possibility for every human being and that if we truly desire it, we will find a way.

A stylized dramatic presentation, the play is enhanced by contemporary sets designed by our own Chetna Gola, original musical scores by Arvind Venugopal of Tvameva fame (tvamevamusic.com), and enchanting dances choreographed by Tapasi Rath, a fusion of classical and contemporary style dances. The result is a scintillating visual delight.

Take 2 Creations’ mission is not only to create out-of-the-box creations but also to provide a creative platform for local artists to showcase their talents. And #Aajir is no exception. To enhance the musical experience, we will open this play with a pre-show musical concert by Tvameva. This is a new concept, a new experiment to amalgamate Music and Theatre.

Tvameva (meaning “you are” in Sanskrit) is a unique world fusion band featuring founder-vocalist-producer, Arvind Venugopal; award-winning guitarist, Rahul Mukerji; and DMV percussion veteran, Chris Mauro. The group blends South Indian Carnatic music traditions with new-age electronic, classic rock, and other musical sounds. The result is a sublime and spiritually-grounded new sound that respectfully balances tradition with fearless exploration.

Tvameva, also the music composer for Aajir, guarantees the aptest opening to set the mood for the play. This pre-show is bound to take you on a journey into the world of fusion music, delightful and mesmerizing.

Directed by Manoj Tiwari, a well-known Actor/Director in the Washington, DC Metro area, and featuring several well-known artists from the DMV area, the play takes the audience on a thought-provoking and delightful journey.


Aajir production is managed by Prakash Saraf of Friends of Sparsh and a dedicated group of volunteers to help with the production.

The star cast includes:
Chetna Gola as Rajjo and Gairabi
Anand Jain as Mukti and Goluk Kura
Nachiket Dharker as Babu Shunri and Ravan Shunri
Anuja Uttarwar as Villager 1
Rohit Agarwal as Villager 2
Purvi Patki as Villager 3
Ramesh Chintagumpala as Villager 4
Tapasi Rath as a Banjaran and Paro
Anushka Agarwal as Dancer 1
Anjika Singh as Dancer 2
Choreography by Tapasi Rath
Script Adaptation by Chetna Gola, Manoj Tiwari, and Kshama Bute-Shinde
Songs and Poetry – Chetna Gola and Kshama Bute-Shinde
Original Music by Arvind Venugopal of Tvameva and Rahul Mukerji
Set Design by Chetna Gola and Manoj Tiwari
Singers include Arvind Venugopal, Dinesh Menon, Sunetra Mahajan, Chetna Gola, and Smitha Menon


These shows are being staged to raise funds for Friends of Sparsh, a charitable organization committed to helping the homeless in our community. The collaboration of Take 2 Creations with Friends of Sparsh is to bring awareness thru theater about homelessness in our community. If you would like to donate money for this good cause, you can donate it at https://gofund.me/a23703ea


We are looking for a few sponsors to fund this massive production. We are invited to Chicago and New Jersey Theater Festivals where this production is going to be staged. In addition, we will have 3 shows locally in Maryland at The Writer’s Circle in Bethesda. As a recognized sponsor, we will include your business, organization, or individual names in all our promotional material in all our performances before and after the show.

The sponsorships can be in the form of cash, food, accommodation, or transportation to Chicago and New Jersey Theater Festivals where this production is going to be presented. Recognized sponsorship starts at $250. Any amount less than $250 will be recognized as a donation, which is also welcome. 

Click here for more pictures of the Aajir show staged in November 2019

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