Humor, Where are you?

One day randomly I realized that with age, my sense of humor is also depleting. Humor was an undetachable trait of mine. It was expected of me, by me, some humorous quip, joke, or one-liner comments on everything, whenever I was in a company of people. I used to be able to make some really humorous on the spot satirical, sarcastic, or outright funny insulting comments about the people and the situation. But since I have retired, I feel like my sense of humor stayed back with my real job. I don’t know what has happened. I feel like the Corona virus might have infected it. I have been searching hard for COVID infection in my humor, I even started early morning yoga breathing exercises and mid day yoga to increase my humor immunity but have had no success yet.

Or perhaps it was stuck with my ADP’s paycheck app I used to get semi-monthly. Now that the paycheck is gone, so is my sense of humor. I remember seeing similar symptoms in many of my acquaintances’ who had lost it with their financial losses too. 

But, in all honesty, my real suspicion is on my political bug infection (PBI), which I caught in 2016 but peaked in 2020. Yeah, my Humor Infection Specialist also pointed to the same root cause. He even advised me to go for a neuro-surgery to get the infection out because it cannot be cured by simple antibiotics. He was of the opinion, no medicine in the world cures PBI and the people who get infected rarely ever see the humor in anything, especially in blogs. He named a few for example but can’t name them here to be politically correct. Some of them are also my close friends and family; and since he mentioned them, I noticed their eyes, nose, forehead, mouth, actually, the entire face, has become squinted and wrinkled like mine. 

Since this revelation, I got determined to find my Humor again. I started looking for a good Neuro-surgeon who specializes in PBI surgery, met a few but rejected them because interestingly I noticed the same squinted, wrinkled faces that I was trying to get fixed. So far I have been unsuccessful in finding a fresh breath of face that is PBI free. If anyone, who has had a successful PBI surgery by a good surgeon, please refer them to me and I promise to smile and tell you a real joke, the next time I meet you and not a T…. joke. 

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