The Pyramid of Hierarchy of Consciousness

Lately, I have become a staunch believer in the existence and recycling of souls, transforming from one body to another until they reach their highest level of hierarchy or growth in one form. I do believe souls are a form of energy and they stay in this form until some event triggers a transformation again.Continue reading “The Pyramid of Hierarchy of Consciousness”

Retirement Lessons

Since I have retired, I have been asked innumerable times how my life has changed. Searching for an honest and meaningful answer, I went out on solo cross-country travel for several months and meditated non-stop while I was enjoying my cheap wines and whiskeys. Finally, I found my answer.  I discovered, since retirement, my senseContinue reading “Retirement Lessons”

Perception, Opinion, or Judgment

I often struggle with these 3 terms, perception, opinion, and judgment. In our casual social conversation, often these terms are used with a negative or positive connotation. For example, my perception of a place, thing, or person is nothing more than my opinion based on my direct or indirect observations, which is a judgment (aContinue reading “Perception, Opinion, or Judgment”