January 11, 2021

Back to my favorite topic, understanding human minds. After January 6th events in DC, i.e. swarming of Capitol Hill building and following incidents, I started to think why the human mind is so gullible and vulnerable that a person of a certain stature, a person with certain thoughts or ideas can control millions of people’s thoughts and actions. I am not referring only to Trumpism but there are thousands of “isms” that people follow and go to extremes to show their loyalty to their leader. Gandhi, MLK, Hitler, Stalin, Napolean, Reagan, Obama, Popes, Osama-bin-Laden, Trump, Clinton, Osho, and thousands more, who had the power to propagate their philosophies, thoughts, and ideas, a.k.a. “Brain-wash” millions of people. 

Some crazy people brainwash their followers to die for them whereas some bring a revolution for the betterment of society. Every war that is fought is a result of brain-washed citizens who are trained to preserve their borders or go kill others to take others’ land. In today’s world, it is called patriotism. In the Islamic terrorists’ world, it’s called Jihad, in some religious world it’s called devotion or religious following, whatever it is called, I call it mind-hacking. 

We are all susceptible to become a follower of some kind of “ism”. We follow our guru, a spiritual leader, a military man, a political figure, a social personality, a singer, a performer. Following an “ism” is not necessarily a harmful thing until it becomes “blind”. In my opinion, when we start to follow a belief, beyond reasonableness, beyond a rational view of reality also known as “blind faith”, we stop growing as an individual and become part of a herd. Losing your individual thinking within a rational framework of reality can lead you to the herd mentality, and that is what prevailed on Jan. 6th among thousands of “protestors” in DC. Their belief created by a leader who himself became delusional and reinforced by several similar power opportunists, created havoc in the name of “patriotism”.

Promoting a philosophical idea is quite different from propagating a cult-like philosophical belief because the motivation is different between the two. The cult leaders are like computer hackers, they like to control our minds by infiltrating a bad virus; and a philosopher who develops a philosophical thought is merely to invoke thought-provoking discussion for the good of society at large. When I hear someone promoting their thoughts and ideas, the first question I ask is the motivation behind that thought promotion. Is this person promoting a thought because it helps him/her financially, helps him/her gain more power, helps him/her gain control over my mind? OR does it help the community, society, country, or the planet I live in?  The intentions are the most important driver of one’s philosophy, belief, and “isms”. 

Look around you, do you see people following a person/persons (and it includes Kim Kardashian and Kanye West too. LOL!!) blindly? Do a self gullibility check. Is your brain being abused by a hacker? If yes, get yourself out of it. Contact a non-gullible person near you. 

But I am still in search of a gene that makes the human mind so gullible and vulnerable to other self-serving mind hackers.……  

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