The other day in our WhatsApp group my friend and the co-host of “Take 2 Creations”, Chetna wrote to our common friend Chhaya something to the effect that they are Soul Sisters. And it struck me at that moment that it is not uncommon for women to call each other Soul-Sisters but highly uncommon among men to call another man a Soul-Brother. While it is common to call your buddy “Brother” or “Bro” but I don’t remember anyone calling another man soul-brother unless they belong to some soul-searching-brother’s group or a cult, well I’m guessing. 

Why is it that brothers don’t acknowledge, or connect at the soul level? Some men have found their soulmate in another human but it’s always romantically with a woman or another man. You get the drift. Brothers don’t call brothers soul-brothers, not that men don’t connect at the soul level but they feel it’s not a macho thing to express soul-brotherhood openly. It lowers their TQ, yes, the Testosterone Quotient. 

Since men were the hunters and had to be tough out there, they have carried this behavior into the generations when they are not even remotely connected to hunting. Actually, a whole lot of them don’t even eat meat. My guess is that men didn’t evolve emotionally as much as women did. Because traditionally, women were the principal social bees of the family, they had to deal with all kinds of emotional events from birthing a child to people’s sickness and everything else in-between, while men were busy gathering food for the family, worrying about the future wealth, and spending the rest of their time unwinding in some kind of sport. And all those activities required higher levels of Testosterone; so in essence, men never got a chance to develop their estrogen levels higher and lost the fight for hormonal balance. 

Now, the third stimulus bill is about to be passed, I urge all CongressMen to allocate some funds for a shot of Estrogen given to all men with a shot of Covid Vaccine. There may never be a better opportunity to correct the hormonal levels in men, all at the same time. You all owe it to your brotherhood. Let’s become soul-brothers, once and for all. 

P.S. Thank you Rajiv Paul for the inspiration to write on this topic

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