Soul Connection

Everyone has one or more soulmates. Lot of times we say these things very lightly without giving it a thought. I personally have used the same phrase a few times with a very shallow meaning of it. It is quite often used when two people’s thinking and/or personalities are aligned with each other. But is it just that or is there a deeper connection we feel but can’t describe it in true sense?

Recently, i read a book called “Many Lives, Many Masters”. The book is a true story of a psychiatrist who treated a patient for psychiatric issues but in the process discovered that his patient could connect with souls and see her previous lives dated back to thousands of years ago. It was shocking, startling and unbelievable for me.

Yes, I always believed in energies and energy connections in this life and previous lives but had never imagined the depth of how long energies can keep their memories. Likeness of energies and recollection of previous life stories i had heard of, but not to the extent this book has explored. Highly recommended for skeptics.

What does it mean to us? When we say soulmate, we literally might have known each other from our previous lives. As we all must have experienced that you get attracted to one person more than others, there may be an energy connection between two souls. Attraction does not necessarily mean romantic attraction, it can be between relatives, friends. Grandparent and grandchild, parent-child, certain relatives and friends who become more than your own blood relatives. And this attraction is instantaneous, it does not take years to build. It may start as one sided because energy has better signal or memory than the other. If you feel such a connection with someone, explore your deeper connection with that person. What is it that attracted you to that person? You will find that it is not just one thing that attracts you, you in general just like/love that person and can’t pinpoint what qualities attracted you to them. 

How does it work? I have been debating the question of release of energy or soul at the time of death, what possibly happens to the soul at that moment, where does it go, what information it retains etc…. This book answered some of those questions. During the last 2-3 months of Covid-19 lockdown period, we interviewed a famous bollywood character actress Smita Jaikar who is also known for “Automatic Writing” where she can connect with any soul that has not reincarnated yet. Based on her experience, it takes 25-30 years for a soul to reincarnate. She has had very successful experiences communicating with souls. This tells me souls retain certain information from their previous lives. 

Based on all these theories and real life experiences, I can more clearly relate with Geeta’s 2nd chapter that explains the concepts of energies and souls,  which according to Geeta, transforms from soul to life and our Karma decides the kind of life we will have in the next physical world. 

But tons of questions are left unanswered in my mind, like 

1. When does a soul enter a human body and how? At the time of conception, after a few months of physical growth of an embryo, at the time of birth or somewhere in between

2. Are there souls from animals mixing in with human souls?

3. The number of humans have grown many folds over the last few thousand years, where are these additional souls being generated?

4. How much is destiny and how much is Karma dictating our lives?

5. Is abortion killing of a human soul or is it that soul’s karma that led to its destiny?

6. If animals are part of this soul cycle, do small insects also carry souls?

No one may ever know the answer but i feel good that some of my self analysis is on the right track while there is so much more to know and learn about this universe.

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