Social Divide

For thousands of years, every culture and society has had classes of people, a divide by economic, race, religion, cast, skin color, nationality, sexual preference, gender or just physical appearance. There is a great desire to judge or classify people based on some criteria. I am sure every living thing might have a similar divide, some by power, some by physical appearance or whatever else they can divide their species by. I cannot figure out why this human borne tendency exists in the first place and even if it is there, why can we not overcome it. 

In any case, I am not here to discuss the cause and effects of traditional social divides but more from the point of view of a shift of traditional social divide vs modern day social divide. In the last decade or two, I have noticed that globally (or at least in the developed parts of the world), society is being divided into two casts – people who want to control humans thru technology and people who are letting others control them thru technology in exchange for convenience. Read it again. 

Society is getting divided into “ Controllers” and “ Controlled”. We are now getting divided by how and who is controlling people’s minds. This divide is done thru technological instruments. We are directed to make choices that others want us to make, in very subtle ways. What we read, what we watch, what we buy, how we think, what we should do next, who we should hire, how we should drive, all these decisions are influenced by the Controllers. Controllers are the people and organizations who are developing and applying technologies in our everyday life to the extent we have stopped using our own thinking even for simple things like reading roadmaps. 

I can hear almost everyone reading this, yelling and telling me that they are independent thinkers and make their own decisions after analysis. You are in denial. Yes people still do make some decisions of their own and claim to be independent thinkers. But let me give some simple examples. 

– You start to write an email, suggestions appear and you take them because it saves you some typing; but do you stop and think that you should choose your own words instead of taking the suggested phrases and language?

– You are writing comments on FB or similar social media platform and suggestions appear to congratulate or cheer etc with some emoji, you take those because it expresses your feelings and saves time instead of thinking of a word of your choice. 

– You are driving to some place and you enter a destination, the navigation system gives you a route and you take it without thinking if there is a better route for you based on your liking or the mood of the day. You don’t want to be bothered by these trivial things.

– You are on social media and all suggestions for what you read and what you should buy are made based on one click you made a while ago. 

– Every new computer or phone app that is being built today focuses on how they can read your mind and help you do things without thinking; one extra click will hurt your feelings so these Controllers spend an enormous amount of time trying to save you one click in their app. 

– AI – “Artificial Intelligence” is being applied in every new program being developed because they don’t want to disturb our fragile mind. They want programs to think for you and make a decision for you. So that you can spend time on entertainment and shopping.

– ML – “Machine Learning” is the talk of the town. Now machines are being trained to learn how you think and operate so that they can shift your brain’s thinking power to their thinking programs.

– Most popular recruiting programs nowadays are racing to use AI and ML so that the people who are responsible for hiring don’t have to make any real decision in the selection process of an employee. Someone applies for a job thru one click apply option, they get selected by an AI based “Top 3 to 5 candidates” logic that generally no one involved in the hiring process knows, then they are given a questionnaire to ask questions during the interview, so on and so forth.

This is our present and going to be our future. 

So who are these controllers? 

Controllers are the entrepreneurs of the mind controlling technology. They invest in  very smart people who like to experiment with these sorts of things because for smart people, this is a game and behind these smart people are the money holders and money makers. Money makers are the ones who are playing the very smart people among us, challenging them and keeping them occupied with these mind games. But at the end these money makers are the ones who are winning by using the technology and their ideology to push their agenda, sell their products, and control people’s thinking. 

Look at the media outlets, social media, marketing campaigns, the socio-political non-profit organizations, the innovative technology companies  around you. They are all driven by the money and agenda of the people who control them. I am not saying they all have bad motives, but they all want to have your money. They set traps by offering you convenience or play with your emotions. They all want you to believe in their agenda and their message so that they can use you for the rest of their product’s life. 

So think before you succumb to the modern technologies’ traps.

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