My friend Chetna says nature is perfectly balanced and things happen like Corona, Hurricanes, Earthquakes etc. for a reason; it is nature’s way to balance things that humans have created to tilt nature one or the other. And I totally agree with it. But I want to take the balancing topic a few levels further. When we talk about balance of the nature and universe, it applies the same way to us as individuals as well, in our daily lives, in our thinking, in our relationships, in love, in anger, in joy, in celebration. 

Since a very early age, i have always practiced balancing and have taken the middle of the road approach in almost everything. While it has helped me with my emotional intelligence, it has also had negative effects on my life in many ways. But I still practice balance in life, balance in everything i do. I am so indoctrinated into balanced life that i have developed a phobia of becoming a radical. I am too fearful of going too far to the left or right. I can say that balancing has become an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)  in my mind, just like being fair is an OCD for me, 

Yes, I am sure many people think that balance brings mediocrity or balance makes you appear you don’t have strong beliefs about anything, you are a flip-flopper…. But nothing can be far from the truth. Being balanced emotionally or in your thinking does not mean you cannot be passionate about something. Being passionate and emotionally balanced are not mutually exclusive. 

Emotionally balanced means you are able to apply equal level of rationalism (logical thinking) into your emotional thinking. Quite a few emotional people undermine the value of logic in their decision making process and look down upon logic because they value emotions so much and to them logic has very little place with emotional decisions. Similarly the opposite is true as well; people with logical minds give much value to logical thinking and overlook the power of emotions. So when we make any decision, generally our decisions are highly influenced by our logical or emotional inclinations. 

So why is balancing important in life? Just like this universe and nature, everything has to stay in a state of equilibrium, otherwise all planets and stars will collide or go out of their rotational paths and cause utter chaos and may cause another “big boom”. Disturbing an apple cart is good for small things but tripping over the entire cart maynot be good for all living things. Similarly, our lives have to have a certain level of stability, rationalism, sensibility otherwise humans will kill each other and the entire humanity may end if people of unbalanced thinking take control, as it is evident with the current Trump administration. Utter chaos has replaced a well oiled machine. 

Just like the universe is working in a balance, humans must live in a state of equilibrium to be in sync with the universe and when we are not in sync, our lives go in a different path of chaos. Creating this personal equilibrium starts with synchronization of your actions, your values, your mind, and ultimately your energies. Now this is a topic of discussion on its own. Look out for another blog on the topic of Karma!

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