I have learned…. 

A series of random thoughts on my learnings and observations in my long life… 

There may be some humor, satire, and sarcasm in my observation. If you have issues with any of these, please find your life’s pleasure somewhere else. 

So here we go.   

  1. No matter how many inspirational messages I read, I wake up as inspired as I was before reading those messages.
  2. We are where we should be based on our efforts put into being somewhere else.
  3. Anyone who thinks that other people are stupid is most likely looking at a mirror.
  4. No matter how rich, successful, and confident you are, you will always have doubts about your capabilities, money, success, your spouse, and your children that you will not share with others. 
  5. I have learned everything that I was capable of learning so far. If you try to teach me something, and I am not learning, that means my glass is full. Try it another day. 
  1. Relationships are about commitments without commitments being imposed. True relationships come from the heart, naturally without any expectations. 
  2. Life is about connections we make not at the professional, academic or social levels but between souls. When you meet someone your soul knows if you are connecting at the soul level or not. Souls don’t ask or care about your social or financial status. Those are the connections worth saving, despite the differences at the physical or social level.
  3. No matter how much you bug someone to do something, people will do what they want to do in their timeline, especially if they are your children between the ages of 5 and 25. 
  4. Life’s meaningful lessons are cheaper than life’s stupidities, no wonder YouTube pays people to make videos about their stupidity. 
  5. We pick on other people’s shortcomings that are our own shortcomings. It is not scientifically proven but made it up because it sounded like a good quote. 🙂

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