Soul Detox

Every time you meet someone, do you get a positive, negative, or neutral vibe from or about that person? And does this happen every time you meet this person? I do. I think everyone gets some kind of vibe from or about every person we meet in life, every day. Some we acknowledge and some we don’t. We generally acknowledge and react to strong positive and negative vibes. I call this soul connection. Our souls connect, disconnect or disregard people based on the type of vibration we receive from the other soul. With everyone, our relationships are based on these vibes. 

Since Covid and social distancing started in March 2020, I have started feeling a sense of distance from people. No matter how many jokes or inspirational messages I might have shared with them I felt a line has been drawn within my social network. My soul feels so deprived of human-to-human connection. Yesterday, for the first time I felt a sense of depression. It’s ironic that I have my son and his family visiting, still I felt depressed. I was invited to a party with close friends but decided not to go because my depression took over my judgment and I couldn’t figure out why I was depressed. 

What are some of the reasons you feel depressed or down at times? For me, when I lose hope. I was losing hope on several fronts and I didn’t have a clear solution or clarity about all the issues I was dealing with for several days. All the sad news about Covid in India and close family and friends’ families dying from Covid, which was exacerbated with the existence of minor personal issues. 

Today, I woke up very early morning when suddenly a thought occurred to me and decided that I will rekindle my soul, connect with people that I have a positive, and negative soul connection, one-on-one. I developed a strong desire and commitment to re-establish my positive connections and acknowledge my positive soul connection with them. AND connect with negative soul connections as well to discover the reasons for the negative vibes between our souls. This may lead to exploration into the possibility of converting a negative connection into a positive one. This is an effort to deepen some relationships that have stayed mostly superficial because we didn’t try to connect at a deeper level. 

I figured this depression happened because I have not been able to nurture my soul with positive vibes from people close to me, those who were my pillars. And negative vibrations usually cause negative results in the body and mind. So, I have decided to reconnect, rejuvenate, and re-energize my soul with only positive vibes. I especially want to convert negative connections to positive ones, call it Soul Detoxification. 

In the coming weeks, if you receive a random request from me to meet you one-on-one, don’t be shocked. And if you are feeling down, try doing the same, it may pull you out of your temporary depressive mode too. Fight Covid’s effects, positively.

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