Haves or Have-Nots

Nov. 12th, 2020

No, I am not going to write about the economic divide of Haves and Have-nots, I am talking about human mental growth. For decades, we have been talking about human growth measured in processes, technological and socio-political advancements, but people don’t give credit to advancement in human analytical/critical thinking. Most advancements have happened because of human analytical and critical thinking capability. But what clearly not visible is the apparent growth of the human mind. The human mind has progressed at a much faster pace than our knowledge of the universe, or the technological advancements that are visible today,


The Human Mind and human thinking are so fascinating to me for years. I feel so far away from some other people’s thinking that it amazes me. I wonder why some people cannot see socio-political issues as clearly, which are so simple (in my mind). I wonder if some people’s critical thinking hasn’t advanced to the levels of others.  Or does our thinking have more to do with our inherent fears, greed, and negative experiences than just critical thinking. 

After the elections, I pondered over why over 70 million people are still supporting a person like Trump who is known to be the lowest of the lowest kind of human being (he is not even a human being based on generally accepted human values; more on that some other day). My thought was that people are not supporting Trump, the individual, but they are supporting their own fears and greed. Because Trump represents 70 million people’s beliefs; beliefs that are based on their own fears, greed, potential personal gains, and religion; no matter how non-sensical they may be to the people on the other side of the spectrum but that’s their belief.

So the obvious question popped into my curious mind was about the 75 million other people who voted for Biden or against Trump. How come the other voters are not driven by the same agenda, fear, and greed? If all minds are equally capable, shouldn’t every human be thinking the same? Shouldn’t all voters be fearful,  greedy, and/or selfish? 

Well, in my opinion, we all have our fears, and greed, and selfish reasons to want things but the difference is that people’s fears, greed, and religious beliefs have evolved to different levels for each group.  We both, technically have critical thinking brain cells but we have separated and chosen different paths based on our experiences and the level of growth in our critical thinking. 

I find that Trump supporters are working at the micro-level and the Biden supporters are looking at the macro-level of personal and social issues. While Biden supporters support better management of Covid-19, healthcare for all, wider social programs, the environment, the education system, social equality, preservation of democratic process, preservation of the human race, its growth and development, etc; Trump supporters, on the other hand, are focused on self-preservation, fear of immigrants, capital gains, economic gains and maintaining the religious beliefs of 2000 years ago. Biden supporters are concerned about the future generations and humanity, while Trump supporters are looking at self-preservation today. 

 As we see things, we “progressives” or self-proclaimed educated people, consider ourselves as elite or people who “Have” a higher level of critical thinking and looking at the issues from a much broader perspective than the other half of the population that is concerned only about themselves and their religious and/or economic beliefs. Both groups of people think they are right and there is no one who can decide which party is right. It’s for us to associate ourselves with one or the other type of thinking.  Are you a free and open-minded person with low levels of fear, greed, and insecurities, or do you see your livelihood threatened by every other human being, like an animal in a jungle who is fighting for self-preservation every day, every minute? On the surface, it may seem conceitful but I couldn’t find any other reason to believe that people supporting a person like Trump could be doing it for the greater good of society or humanity; there has to be some kind of perceived gains from his power. Based on his speeches and my conversations with people supporting him, the common denominators are – inherent fears, the hope of economic gains, or religious belief that he is a savior of humanity sent by Jesus himself.  

I believe the two mindsets are the result of life experiences, upbringing, and current life circumstances. The combination of these factors has created “Haves” and “Have-nots” of critical thinking, just like the economic divide, this is a “thinking” divide. Our hope is that someday all humans will have the critical thinking to work for the preservation of humanity; when you preserve humanity, you preserve yourself in the process. Imagine the power of the entire human tribe instead of the survival of just one. Let us carry everyone forward. If we leave the pack behind and go alone, who knows a more powerful and hungrier animal might be waiting for the next pray in this race of survival.

Now you decide where you want to belong, with the Haves or Have-nots.

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