Random Thoughts Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog of random thoughts ranging from life’s philosophy, spirituality to socio-political commentary.

My name is Manoj Tiwari and retired from my 9-5 job in August 2020. Now I plan to write, travel, video blog, podcasts, act and direct short films and plays and create whatever creative thoughts come to my mind.

Why am I doing this?

Because it gives me a pleasure to create something new. I worked in software product development most of my life and created several products that were used across the US and internationally. Always loved creating, it gives so much satisfaction that the failures and disappointments that also come with it are miniscule in comparison.

Because it will help me stay focused on original ideas about everything in life. Blog is an outlet for all those random thoughts that grow over period of time and builds an ideology.

Because someone said if any of my thoughts and ideas help someone in the process, why not. So hope it helps someone else as well, as it has helped me develop new thoughts and theories.

Because it can help in starting a dialog on any of those topics that I write about.

Please comment or write to us directly but most importantly, subscribe and like this.

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