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Take 2 from the 2 of US

We are Take 2 Creations!

We are a team of two passionate people – Manoj Tiwari and Chetna Gola. We created this platform to write, showcase, and display different form of arts, people with passion and wisdom to share their knowledge and to share our philosophical rant.

We talk, write, travel, act, direct theater, and films, and share whatever we feel worth sharing with our readers.

This is our passion!!!

Manoj and Chetna are the best friends, attached by their passion for theater, short-films, photography, travel, literature, music and philosophy. While Chetna loves true artistic things like music and photography, Manoj’s focus now is in travel and philosophy but both share the passion of theater, films and Hindi literature equally.

Their creations can be found on Facebook, YouTube and here.

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